10,000 Speshies surfing through the Universe



Donut World

A planet of endless sweets

A toasty atmosphere with rugged terrain, Donut World is a vast expanse covered by purple frosting and candied bushes. Large stone statues of a cute creature adorn the sides of a winding road. As the road melts into the horizon, a range of sugar-capped mountains dominate the landscape. An enormous waterfall sits at the center of the world, with water flowing straight through the surface and into space. There is no sign of life in sight.


Dino World

An era before crypto (B.C.)

A planet lost to time, Dino world is feared by all the cosmos. Its bony terrain makes dancing painful, which has left the creatures of Dino world danceless for millennia. Enormous toothlike mountains scour the edge of the great cavern, which cuts this hollow planet in two. Flowing from the center of this cavern, a pink river, the life force of an ever-growing rainforest teeming with green life more lush than any across the universe.


Wall Street Wasteland

Corporate Hell

A world rapidly fading into obscurity, Wall Street Wasteland floats alone at the distant reaches of Coolman’s Universe. A vapid planet lined with empty office buildings. Dollar bill bundles roll down hollow streets like tumbleweeds– obsolete. Help wanted signs line bank windows. And the only evidence of what might have happened here is a blueprint for a rocket ship and an annotated copy of “NFT’s for Dummies.”


animated, green cat-like creature smiling and wearing a white hoodie with blue and pink spots that says 'ur special'

Spesh is looking for his best friend throughout Coolman's Universe. To travel through this universe, Spesh uses a surfboard and a compass. This compass is no ordinary compass, however. Not only does it point Spesh in the right direction to find his mysterious friend, but it also tracks the path that Spesh's friend has already taken...finding clues along the way. As Spesh surfs throughout space, he finds himself exploring worlds that he's never experienced...and meeting creatures he would’ve never thought possible.

animated, green cat-like creature smiling and wearing a white hoodie with blue and pink spots that says 'ur special'

Danny Casale (aka Coolman Coffeedan) is an artist in Los Angeles who has gained popularity through his surreal, humorous, and crudely drawn animations. With over 9.5 million combined followers across his socials, the Coolman Coffeedan style of art has become a powerhouse in animation, despite the self-given moniker of being a “Bad Animator”.

With the emergence of NFTs, digital artists and their fans are able to connect like never before. Until now, fans of Coolman Coffeedan have only been able to enjoy his art by watching videos on traditional platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. But what if you could take the relationship a step further?

NFT’s give you something that can’t be replicated, ownership of the digital art itself. For example, anyone can buy a Mona Lisa print, but there is only one original. Similarly, anyone can watch a Coolman Coffeedan video, but only a select few can own Spesh as an NFT and reap all of the benefits exclusive to that ownership. And we have some amazing things planned!

Coolman’s Universe is the name of Coolman Coffeedan’s NFT collection. Danny Casale created Coolman’s Universe to extend his existing art and brand into the world of NFT’s, creating a more intimate relationship between Coolman Coffeedan's art, his fans, and now, collectors.

“In the not-too-distant future, I want my brand to be a household name in the way of The Simpsons, Adventure Time, or Hello Kitty. The reason I want this is simple; this level of acclaim will mean that I have achieved my ultimate goal – to put a smile on as many faces as possible.”

Coolman’s Universe will be comprised of 10,000 unique NFT’s. Ownership of these NFT’s will forever be provable on the Ethereum blockchain and the NFT’s do not expire. There will never be more than 10,000 NFT’s in the Coolman Universe inaugural collection.

Yes. You can buy/sell your NFT on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Having good security practices is very important, please read the following article on how to secure your NFTs.

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